Product Features

  • Hand insecticide bulb duster designed to apply boric acid roach powder, diatamaceous earth and other dust as well as granule bait
  • For corners and crevices - The insecticide dust applicator have 3 flexible pipes supplied, the extensions allow you to treat pesticide to corners and crevices where you can hardly reach to
  • High quality material and special design - The bulb duster made of high grade of rubber, it is durable, and special design of pesticide applicator allows you keep the powder or insecticide that not use out easily sealed shut safety
  • Duster with belt clip - Safe and convenient to carry around, especially when you need to climb to roof or trees
  • Multifunction - Use both indoors and outdoors, the pesticide applicator is useful for lawn, garden or home insect control
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Product Description

HUX EYE Multifunction Pest Control Duster

HUX EYE insecticide bulb duster designed to apply insecticide or pesticide to get rid of annoying bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, scorpions, ants, beetles, mites, moths, bees, wasps, hornets and more, at any place.
Capacity and contain ablity
The pesticide applicator’s with holding capacity 10oz is made of industrial grade rubber.
Precisely and evenly sprays insecticides and pesticides like diatomaceous earth, pyganic drione, delta, granule Baits, and many more.
Special design
The sprayer include 2 plastic tips, 2 extension clips, 2 small tubular tips, so you can treat corners and crevices where people usually could not reach to.
The bulb duster is self sealing designed, so when the powder or insecticide is not use out the pesticide applicator could help easily sealed shut safety.
The combo kit equipped with a belt clip which is very helpful for when climbing to the roof to kill termites, helpful and convenient.

Material: Nature Rubber
Dimension: 9 x 18.9(H)cm
Weight: 265.1g
Mouth Size: 3.6cm
Feature: Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Stocked

The duster is also an eliminator, eradicator, exterminator, guard, blocker, defense, bed bug remover, bug butt kicker!

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